Autumn Blossoms

autumn blossoms

Aromatherapy uses the volatile molecules of certain plants known as ‘essential oils’. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to use the energy of the plant to assist our health and wellbeing.

Plants produce essential oils naturally for physiological and therapeutic reasons: to attract bees, fight infections and disease, avoid being eaten, to ensure fruit ripen, give protection against the sun, enable oxygen to pass through the plant and also to secure the longevity of the plant. Essential oils are obtained using distillation as well as expression for example the peel of citrus fruit, where the essential oil is stored.

As humans, we share a lot of DNA with plants and essential oil molecules are small enough to be absorbed into the body and bloodstream.

Clinical Aromatherapists use their knowledge of plant families, the chemistry within essential oils and their knowledge of human pathology, anatomy and physiology to select oils to enable the body to heal. We do not ‘treat’ illnesses, we treat the person.


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