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For as long as I can remember, I have desired to help people and intuitively done so. However, it was not until I needed to help myself both physically and emotionally that I really gained the skills to become a holistic therapist.


I have used essential oils for the past 20 years, helping me to overcome a stammer and rehabilitate an ankle injury consultants said would never heal. I started working at Manchester Children’s Fund Refugee Project and then for Manchester Young Carers.


I qualified as a teacher and soon realised I wanted to help the most vulnerable so in 2013, after I had my daughter, I gained my Postgraduate in Supporting Vulnerable Learners and became a SENCO supporting children with special needs.


Within this role, I loved therapeutic story writing. I have customised this use of story into my yoga practice with children. Having enjoyed children’s yoga with my children, I trained in 2017 to be a children’s Yoga teacher and in 2018 I completed my Clinical Diploma in Aromatherapy with Penny Price Academy. This course really confirmed something inside of me: as people we need to live in harmony with our bodies and in harmony with the Earth.

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Clinical Aromatherapist Angelic Reiki Master Shamanic Practitioner Children’s Yoga Teacher Guided Meditation Author Flamenco Dancer Lover of trees, nature and the juiciness of all things

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