Children’s Yoga Weekly Focus

Monday 9th April 2018:

Dinosaurs: warrier, boat and rock – when do you feel safe?


Week 1: Monday 16th April:

In My Heart: a celebration of feelings; Rooftops, Downward Dog


Week 2: Monday 23rd April;

Aladin: Magic carpet rides – what would you wish for? Airplane


Week 3: Monday 30th April  (Monday 7th is Bank Holiday)

Celebrating Spring: Tree Pose, bunny breath


Week 4: Monday 14th May

Friends: The Lion Inside: Cat pose; lion breath


Week 5: Monday 21st May

The Three Little Pigs: tree tops: Dragon


Week 6: Monday 4th June

Our sunshine inside and our sunshine above

Sunshine in my heart

(Monday 28th is Spring Bank Holiday)

Nature Kids: seasons and weather (chakra meditation)


Week 7: Monday 11th June

Pirates and Parrots: boat, yogi says..


Week 8: Monday 18th June Adventures- where will you go? Snail and the Whale; Shark

Week 9: Monday 25th June


Week 10: Monday 2nd July

Celebrate Our Bodies

Double Dog, Twisting Dragon


(feel free to invite family members to watch and celebrate with you)


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