Children’s Yoga

Children’s yoga is about having fun. I start my sessions with a warm-up to get everyone moving and bring awareness to each area and the space around us.


I use imagination. It is one of my favourite things! Sometimes this is through a story or a visualisation or simply through questions.


When I did my training for children’s yoga, something inside of me clicked and said:

All children NEED this!!!


The structure of the sessions are similar as routines are really helpful for young children. Each week we learn new asanas (poses) and  pranayama (breathwork) giving children a beautiful and enlightening awareness of their bodies.


We always end with a relaxation to really say thank you to our bodies for being so amazing and bringing us such joy. It is a gentle time, so bring a teddy and enjoy this special time together.


I love feedback and comments so if through this course you would like to give some feedback, please email me:


Looking forward to starting this journey with you and your child.yoga7yoga4.jpg

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