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autumn blossomsI am organising an event at Music Inspirations to get you really tuned into your inner healer. What does that even mean?

Each one of us has a unique capacity to know what our bodies need and it is different for everyone. That’s why there’s no such thing as ONE healthy diet for everyone. Everyone is different.

Your body is made up of many energy channels known as chakras.  They are associated with both your physical and your emotional body. When there is an emotional block, there is also a physical block.

Through diffusing essential oils, using guided meditation to open ourselves to our inner healer, we will create blends which we intuitively know are right for us.

I will guide you through the chemistry and plant families, the properties of the oils and the properties of carrier oils.

You will have the chance to create something just for you or just for your loved ones.

How, When? Where?

Email me for booking:

Thursday 23rd August

We will be meeting at Music Inspirations in Chapeltown at 7.00pm and the event will end at 9.00pm

5 pounds per person with places limited to 10

See you there



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