Emotional and Spiritual Aromatherapy

This is a 4 hour workshop designed to:

• Discover how to work with the emotional body and spiritual body when self-healing
• Connect with the breath and the body to listen to its wisdom and needs
• Choose essential oils to bring balance and flow into the body and be able to use them safely and confidently for self-healing
Who is this workshop for?
• Anyone who would like to develop their self-healing and spiritual skills
• Movement therapists, massage therapists, talking therapists and those who work with trauma and emotional release

Part One: Guided meditation and gentle movement to connect with the breath, the body and the inner healer. I will teach how the different energy centres, areas of the body and organs are associated with different emotions such as the liver for storing anger and the hips past trauma.
The emotional body; I will connect you with your emotional body to be able to see the emotions arising in your body and how to communicate with them using the breath and aromatherapy.

Part Two:
A guide to the plant families and chemistry that make up each essential oil; sharing which oils have affinities with which stage in the life cycle and area of emotional or spiritual healing.
The properties of the essential element of each plant and how the emotional and spiritual healing can bring about the physical healing and equilibrium and flow in the body.

Part Three:
You will have the opportunity to blend your own 10ml personal blend, applying the wisdom you have learnt, with recipes and oil suggestions for future situations.

Saturday 9th February 1pm – 5pm

5 Burton Crescent, The Annexe, Headingley LS6 4DN



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