What are the benefits of an aromatherapy massage?

  • An aromatherapy massage is a wonderful way to bring the whole body back to balance.
  • Circulation is improved as well as skin texture and tone
  • The length and quality of sleep is better
  • It improves the body’s immune system as lymphatic drainage unburdens the lymph
  • It resets the central nervous system to the rest and digest state and calms adrenals
  • Clinical aromatherapists are able to assist their clients in tuning into their bodies by selecting oils bespoke to their clients needs
  • Inflammation and pain in the body are reduced
  • The essential oils continue to work after the treatment and day after
  • Depression and anxiety are reduced by oils which allow emotions to be released and uplifted
  • Hormones and blood pressure benefit from the balance created in the body
  • acupressure points on the head create stillness to calm the heart rate and deepen breathing
  • Time in the healing space focuses the client’s attention inward, creating a deeper awareness of the emotional and physical body
  • The calm brings quiet to the monkey mind


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