Jasmine is the Goddess

Morning Meditation and Today’s Angel Card

Although many aromatherapists consider Jasmine to be a masculine note because of its yang energy. I prefer to take the strength and depth of the base note’s power and harness it for use with feminine energy. For me it is Mother Earth symbolising strength and beauty. It asks the wearer to stand in their power, radiating and envisioning expansiveness.

Jasmine is healing, it reassures the wearer to open and release contractions of fear in the body leading to a higher vibration and connecting with the higher self. As my angel card states. Take Back Your Power. It raises the vibration of all around and inspires awesomeness.

It is a deeply sensual oil to be used in massage, connecting heart, soul and intuition. It gives the wearer a sense of mystery and self mastery. The ability to stand alone, deeply connected to their purpose and inner goddess.

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