Why do I ask about emotions?

Everything is connected

Did you know that stress can affect the muscles in the body and make them contract more, particularly the trapezius (around the back of the neck reaching down the spine).

When we hunch our shoulders when we are stressed, it is one of the most common cause of headaches.

So is it mind over matter then? NO, but mind affects matter.

Stress tenses your mind and your body.
Some people hold stress in their shoulders, some hold it in their gut.

This is why it’s no surprise when stomachs start gurgling in the middle of a massage. A sound I love.


It means you are really relaxing. Deeply. Not just superficially.
One area which often gets neglected in the GP surgery or any surgery for that matter is psychiatry. The emotional aspect.
When I nearly lost my foot, I learnt how connected we are with our body and mind.

I needed someone to talk to me about how to be me still but have my injury. I froze and panicked and became very depressed.
With time, I have learned to be that person for myself. I can thank the wisdom of Louise Hay for that bless her soul. I have been on the other side of the counter at the doctors my mind in a haze unable to process anything that was being said.

I had a horrific accident in 2001 which meant I was told I would be unlikely to walk properly again and nearly lost my left foot. This news sent my brain into overdrive.
Could I attend the physiotherapy appointments I needed to?

Nope, I was too depressed to leave my room. Could I do activities which would have been beneficial and follow a diet that would be beneficial for me? You’ve probably guessed, I didn’t.

I spent around 8 years feeling very glum and numbing it out, hobbling on (literally) the best way I could. As I have probably said before, EVERYTHING is connected, it wasn’t until the leg injury had affected my hip through compensation and therefore my right shoulder and I could barely move to dress myself that I decided to get help.
How did that feel? Actually admitting the reality of my broken body was pretty painful so when I went to treatments such as (there is a list as long as my arm) but a few were electromagnetic therapy, acupuncture and massage.

Retrospect is a fine thing but I feel that had someone explained to me the link between physical and emotional trauma then I feel that I would have healed more quickly.
The way things turned out, I healed my foot and now I get to share my experience with you.

From my mending body to yours

Emily x

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