What if all of the answers you are looking for are in fact you?

What if the answer to your prayers is you?

This is the time and you are the one

So many clients in this time have felt it. What will they think? What will they say?

When levels of anxiety and stress are running high it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to please everyone

Sadness is lonely

It has a purpose:

To create change

Numbing it

Keeps you stuck

When the heart and the mind don’t connect

Something isn’t right

But we push on anyway because

That’s life

Take a moment to embrace the anger

Embrace the sadness

Let it fuel your fire

Take it to your solar plexus and let it burn

Ignite your changes in your world

Bring truth to lies

And love to fear

Nobody can give you permission

Except you

There are many ways of dealing with difficult emotions

Suppressing them will always make them control you

Like a jack in a box ready to pop out

When something triggers you

Take in the feeling, let it flow inside

Flow tears

Flow snot

Flow lies inside

And bring awareness

Bring your head into your heart

Learn the lesson

And change the course

Bring love

And soar

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