Why Craft? Why Create?

What has sparkly glitter got to do with yoga and why am I obsessed with it?

I want for my sessions to fill you and your child with the joy of creativity with an open mind and heart.

Schools are squeezing it out of the curriculum and there are some beliefs I hear sometimes about certain people being ‘creative’ or not. Creativity and imagination are the tools we need to make our place in the world and imagine how we want it to be. It is the giddy spark which ignites change and helps us reflect and think.

Can I tell you the honest truth about creativity?

Everyone is creative and it burns inside us. It is as natural as being human. It fills me with joy to see children as young as 12 months glow with the delight of placing sequins and grandparents glowing as their inner child shines doing the same. It feels good! Endorphins rush and we have made our mark with our pen, glitter or gem.

Yoga is about opening, healing, creating, noticing, forgiving, loving and what more beautiful way to end than immersing yourself in creativity and the expression of your self.

A worry doll created as part of the Mindfulness toolkit sessions

Create memories, make friends who make things and tell stories with them! Build your imagination with your body and your mind, make your hands magic with a glue spreader or pencil inside.





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