Responsibility and Consistency

Learning that some people don’t want my help has to be the most difficult lessons I have ever had to learn

It is painful

Watching someone suffer

Now I have learnt that it comes down to responsibility

It is ok not to help yourself but

(And this is the important bit)

It is not ok to blame others when we don’t take responsibility

I see this a lot

People who feel ‘responsible’ for others

There is only pain there.

Unless they are your children like my 4 and 5 year old.

It makes sense as no one can change but you right?

Like my client last night

In her late 70s, I was so happy to see the swelling on her feet going down

And proudly rotating her feet with more move on

Since I saw her last she had used her ginger, clove and black pepper oil on her feet

Every day

I made the blend to improve her circulation as she has diabetes, reduce swelling in her feet

For 3 weeks she didn’t touch it

No gain

But yesterday I saw her

She had also been doing the exercises I gave her and using her oil ever day

When I massaged her feet, they weren’t as painful as before and she has far more movement and less swelling.

And she was beaming

So was I

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