Yoga for Special Needs

‘Out of the Box Yoga’

I June, I will be running a special course with Deborah Grossman :

It will bring together aspects of movement and sensory balancing for children with additional needs.

We offer six sessions for children and up to two family members or carers to and draw upon over 20 years of expertise.

Each session is based on the principles of movement, body work, breathwork and exploration This approach creates a space for exploration, inspiration and sharing.

We believe that working with parents and children together brings about the most realistic conversations and discoveries so that yoga can become a joyful and calming tool in the home.

For parents, the sessions are opportunities to build your support network and learn from fellow expert parents. We know how much you learn along your journey, and this is an opportunity to share.

This really is a practical workshops with key take-aways from each discipline.

  • Participants will learn to use their breath as a calming, centring tool throughout the day to draw upon as they need.
  • Massage and aromatherapy will be taught in a safe and clinical way to bring about calm and relaxation for you and your child
  • Movements and strategies will be learnt to create more mobilit, improve strength and focus

At the end of the six sessions, each family will have a toolkit to work with and access to an online support group and expertise from Emily and Deborah.

If you are interested in finding out more about this or other yoga for special needs events, then just email me on:

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