March Newsletter

It brings me a lot of joy to say I am about to start my third month of full self employment. Not only that, I have learnt that it’s ok to do it my way.

I have always cared passionately about our Earth and health. After watching loved ones pass away and reflecting on time I could have enjoyed more, I know that every moment is precious.

Seeing people come into my treatment room rubbing their aches and pains and float blissfully out really makes my heart dance. I feel I have made a difference, brought some peace and released some blocks. I have always known the effects of stress on the body and been able to feel pain in someone or in a room. From training in massage and energy healing intensively for three years now, I have now learnt how to channel this energy and started to open up more about what I have known since I was four.

I have worked in a ‘helping’ profession all my life, studying teaching, counselling, working very closely with families. What is different now is that the beautiful souls who walk through my door are absolutely committed to helping themselves.

When you take care of yourself, it is like a ripple effect, you are not running around ‘saving’ people which can lead to resentment and disempowerment but stepping into your individual power and inspiring those around you.

For me, that means helping people in the way that I see and connect best, through massage, energy and essential oils from plants. I am also creating sprays, candles and massage oils which are now on my website:

Each month, I ‘give back’ with a day of half price treatments as I want my services to be accessible for those who need me. It is the last Tuesday of the month.

I have also been drawn to bring some of my coaching skills to the fore as people have reached out to me about releasing past trauma and really connecting back with their body.

At this month’s workshop I taught how to really interact with your body and emotions and use all of it as valuable information and feedback. Our bodies know, whether it’s a tingle of delight for ‘yes’ or a heavy fog for ‘no’. I tell my children to use their ‘gut instinct’ as I know it will keep them safe.

Please let me know if you have any questions about your treatment and let me know if you need any assistance with anything.

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