How Flamenco Healed My Broken Body and Mind

King Lear learned to truly see after losing both eyes.

It is bleak but I love the story as a journey of healing and opening. After losing the things we may have taken for granted we see what is truly important.

My Beloved Green Shoes

Able to see the real from the fake.

I believe the body has a way of mirroring our thoughts and emotions. At a time when I was completely cut of from myself and the direction I was going in, a freak accident left me unable to walk, with my left ankle nearly completely lost, all tendons severed and no feeling at all I completely freaked out.

I believe the soul whispers and when you listen it whispers louder, and becomes your intuition.

I had the task of healing deep emotional wounds, codependency, physically broken and completely broke. That’s another reflection, lentils and bread I made last for months, while disentangling myself from codependent relationships, restoring my energy and the miracle blessings that is my left foot as it taught me so much.

I started talking to imaginary pathways to my toes I couldn’t feel.

It gradually tingled into a scar bound movement.

I believe if you are broken, your purpose is to mend. You also meet some amazing people who you are supposed to, like the lady I stayed with in Lille whole at university in France who taught me I am my own doctor and showed me how to massage my foot and the acupuncturist who saw the trauma of the accident in my eyes and encouraged me to cry and release. My intuition developed so intensely that I became fixated on following it and when I stopped listening it pulled me back.

Then I discovered flamenco, while teaching in Spain, still unable to feel my left foot but what ignites your soul ignites your body. I was able to express the emotions through my body.

It was the best teacher, to strengthen, release and overcome with all its intensity and grace.

It is a healing movement for me, a deep connection with all that is- a celebration of life, unity and storytelling.

What’s your flamenco story?

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