Do you ever struggle to ask for help?

Do you ever struggle to ask for help?

I have really felt that this week.

Excruciating pain from a coffee scald on Saturday. One of those moments that shouts “slow down!”. As a result I have struggled to sleep, felt exhausted and been back and forth to the hospital and nurse.

We keep going for our children when our bodies say no and we keep going because if we stop we don’t know how we will start again.

This week I am going to be there for myself. My children still love to climb on my knee and it is still painful to touch.

I am gradually going to get back on it but not without giving myself some credit. I was possibly waiting for someone to say sit down Emily, I’ve got this. It has been a pattern for me which I am working hard to correct. Being there for myself.

If I am not for me, who will be?

I can thank the wonderful child minder for that phrase which really resonates when you hope people understand but how can they? Why would they?

They can’t see what you need like you can.

I am getting back on it, slowly and with a new sense of self care.

Do you ever find it hard to express what you need?


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