Is there another way to #release #nerve #pain from #scar tissue

I always have a deep connection with my clients
Like a mirror
It’s always interesting for me to find the connection

My beautiful determined client came with
scar tissue on her knee and nerve damage

Scar tissue is like glue, it keeps everything stuck while it mends inside
Like a cocoon
But often, instead of flowering out of our scar
We hide in it like a cave

When an injury is either sewn up or the skin knits together, the pain and emotions are trapped too

I shared what I learned about my scars
A beam of recognition across her face

“You don’t want anyone to touch it do you?”
Like a secret box of pain

Like my client, my scar was a box for more than 10 years
It felt raw but it was old pain ready to transmute and fly
Ready for new cells

I was able to teach her to embrace the twinges
Of scars moving and nerves waking up
A shooting pain from nowhere
Followed by a tingle

I taught her to embrace the shoots and tingles
As it comes back to life

We were both so emotional
And she flowed with a new wisdom

She had a new connection with her body
Waking up, tingling with joy

Able to celebrate and open into the twinges

I know her healing will now be
Empowering, less painful and
In tune with her scar
And that fills me with
Pure joy

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