Hobbies and Clubs; they can be the glue that keeps us together

Bringing like-minded people or who share something together is really important

Loneliness is tricky
When I moved to Spain by myself and found language meet-ups or

A beautiful therapeutic group in Manchester
To support and hold space for each other
I met the most amazing people who have given me the strength to do what I do

I’m still in touch with them all
They still hold a place like my Spanish meet-up

Flamenco- as soon as the music starts and my body starts moving
I am somewhere else

Clients ask me, I’m thinking of…starting a group
My answer is yes!

Some are in walking groups, yoga, Pilates, dance groups,choir
All different

But all absolutely essential
To connect you back to you and the world
Church groups, ukulele,
There’s a men’s group near me now.
So important

I used to love walking past the cafes of old men
Playing dominoes in Spain
Chatting, keeping in touch
Being connected

Whenever I’ve spoken to someone
Who has just been doing something they love
They are beaming, their face is brighter

It is good for your soul
And good for you
Do more of that
We never know when we will need
An outlet

For Ourselves xx

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