Does Pain Stop You?

Living with pain is tiring

And emotional

It literally saps

And stops you wanting to do anything

Frustrating and angry

Whether it’s a shooting nerve pain

Dull ache or debilitating surges

A few of my clients came to me with pain so intense

They couldn’t bear to be touched

I started light

Letting the oils drench deeply to unknot and release

Analgesic locking off the pain

The deepest anti-inflammatory relief from my

Aromatherapy prescription, massage

and holistic coaching

Gradually we released

With guided visualisations to connect under the pain

Rather than it coming from nowhere

Understanding our bodies

From inside out

Adding movement

Connecting with every cell

Releasing the emotions around it

And connecting

More empowered

With strategies that work

And they tell me

“I can’t thank you enough”

“I acted in a completely different way and it felt amazing”

“I hardly think about it now

Even those who have been struggling for over 6-10 years

It is never too late

To start

To connect with your body

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