How does your body talk to you?

I woke up this morning with a shooting pain in my foot. I would say, over the years, I have got to know my body pretty well. I know if I feel chest pains, it generally means I need to forgive someone. Normally myself as that’s how it works.

I know that feeling ‘dizzy’ and floaty means I need to ground myself as I am too much in my head and need to feel more concretely under my feet. This morning my pain was something that made me feel so happy. Sensation.

Nerves shooting, connecting talking where they have been sleeping, dormant and passive.

 From dragging my left foot around like a sack of turnips tied to my ankle after my injury I have been through many phases of grief. Loss of the person I was. Despair as I didn’t know what my recovery will be like. Curiosity at what could be done. I am now at the giddy wonder stage I have invented myself. I was dancing yesterday feeling amazed at what my foot can do now. Sensation and pain in my foot is something I receive with absolute joy. I am at the where is the limit now? What would happen if? Pure joy.

Emotionally after an injury, we recoil. We resent. Why me? This wasn’t supposed to happen to me. I now realise it was all perfect.

Last week I held my client’s hand that hadn’t moved for over 15 years. She told me it didn’t work and I said, that’s interesting. Let’s try this. Two weeks later she is celebrating twitches and sensations that have been dormant.

But know this. We both cried. It is emotional. Sometimes it’s easier to write things off and say “It doesn’t work”. OR  I can’t do this because of “my foot”. I didn’t dance for years. I punished myself. We push away the broken parts or remove them.

Tonsils, gallbladders, without investigating the underlying cause more deeply

I didn’t realise when I was starting this journey that it was so perfect. I wasn’t able to access healing my foot until my heart healed the accident.

I was stopped. I was redirected and repurposed. It has never been clearer to me. On the day it happened I can remember my emotions. In holistic medicine we work with the heart first. It is a big deal to listen to the heart. It holds the key to the body.

I knew as I watched my grandad’s heart break he would soon die because that was his life force. The week after he said “Enough is enough” it ended. He died. He had enough.

I knew that when I experienced my clients becoming emotional after a massage that these barriers inside were being eased away through my touch. They message me after the initial feelings of bliss to say they’ve had a cry and should they be worried? Absolutely not. It is perfect. Your body does what it needs to do.

Scientifically, the heart sends the brain more information than the head sends the heart. If the head is ‘blocking’ ‘not listening’ or being ‘rational’ it is only thinking at a low level and does not have all the information it needs. We simply can’t be whole without our internal conversations and our experience of pain is the same.

Clenching into pain or turning away from it is denying ourselves vital information for our recovery. Where is it? What does it feel like? Does it have an emotion? Is it relevant now or is it old stuff leaving my body.

We get tired when we are shutting down the good stuff. By good stuff I mean joy, happiness, sensuality, curiosity. Another client came to me with severe fatigue along with many other symptoms. Connecting the head and the heart again through the chakra healing reiki and finding out the root causes. We were able to restore her joy and pleasure and therefore her energy.

Shutting off parts of us is exhausting over time. As we clench away from physical pain, we clench away from emotional pain. This creates a block and energy flows in a detour because the river of emotion is dammed up.

It is never possible to cherry pick some emotions and numb others out. I will choose joy but anger can stay there. Not a chance.

Numb is numb is stuck.

That is why when happiness leaks out so can tears. Have you heard people say “Don’t you start, you’ll have me going?”

That’s because we are all mirrors for each other.

Yet notice how that affects you. Choose friends who embrace your joy and your pain.

The child brought up unable to express sadness will likely be unable to express happiness too. They go hand in hand.

When the heart and the head have stopped talking, the diversions rewire the whole body. Imbalances set in. Exhaustion from supressing the very thing that sparks the wire.

One thing I recommend is asking questions when sensations or pain comes up in the body. Be curious. Don’t judge it straight away.

You will be surprised what magic can unfold.

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