How can we become more ‘whole’?

Sometimes we treat the ‘thing’
Like our bodies are a mass of appendages sewn together
The virus is treated with antibiotics and the shoulder pain painkillers
And the IBS gaviscon
But what if they are all connected?

We are a body, a mind, a soul and the same energy that flows through our minds, flows through our veins and fills our lungs

Anger inflames, sadness slows and grief stops
Pain closes in fear


Love opens with love!

Love is the boss though because it is the most powerful emotion.

When you work with love, you hold the power.

Just like the same blood that travels through our veins 
And the breath connects the whole
There are impulses that stream through your body with different messages

Some of them say ‘everything’s OK’ – chill out I love you!

And the magical thing? Your body exhales and relaxes, sending ‘Calm’ ‘Relax’ ‘you’re perfect as you are’ vibes through your cells

Amazing isn’t it?

Sometimes though after traumas and major life events they run through the body shouting ‘get ready’ ‘cling on’ this is tough!
And sometimes those impulses can’t calm down and stop
It becomes their normal

All the energy is going into being stressed, ready for the blow
And away from your vital functions such as

Digestion, immune function and the parasympathetic nervous response that relaxes the body, returns the blood flow and calms your muscles so your shoulders relax

Being highly stressed over a long time, all of the above happened to me

With a major injury, physical attack and the stress of nearly losing my home
Looking back, all that was happening in my body was reflecting my life at the time

Yet how do you stem the flow?
We start with calming the breath

And remembering and reminding the body who we are
Sending the signal – ‘It’s OK, I’m here’

I spoke tenderly to my body for the first time. 
“I haven’t been here but I’m back now. I’m going to look after you.”
For the first time I meant it. I had delayed all of this connection waiting for someone to love me enough, be validated by some external system of which my job and house were part. In doing that I had created stress in my body that was out of control. 
I found Vetiver and Geranium baths a sanctuary. A chance to remember me.
It got me through job interviews and propped me up for the next day.
Yet – something deeper needed to happen
I knew what was happening in my body was somehow a reflection of my soul and my emotions so I spend the following 10 years learning and mastering what I do with my clients today.

I journeyed into my subconscious multiple times over 3 years – revisiting parts of me and discovering how I had come to battle so much against my ‘self’ so much that I picked up each cold going and would be ill several times a year. My immune system was broken.

My chakra healing sessions are a journey to ‘wholeness’ and my massages a rebalance and reminder of how ‘normal’ could feel – to nudge your body each month to its natural balanced state.
I have created some resources for those who want to take the first step. I have a range of chakra healing sprays intended for meditation and use throughout the day to remind your soul and raise the vibration of your energy to reconnect with yourself and truly be there for you.

My seven chakra sprays are truly gorgeous tools to keep with you and create some connection. Grab a journal, write what comes up. Develop that nurturing voice and let your impulses soothe through your veins and tell yourself.
“I’m here for you now” “I am you”
“I will love you deep into your hurt and we will heal together”
I have included my “Breathing love into pain” meditation to start your journey back to yourself today 

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