When Your Children Are Unwell

There is so much I wish I had known about being a mum

Like the constant contradictory advice 

The way ideas about parenting are often passed down through generations

 without much thought 

Like feeding and sleeping 

You will find your way and that will be right for you

The upsetting thing is when your child is unwell and there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do or you don’t know what’s going on for them

You want to take it away for them 

And you can’t

From my clinical aromatherapy perspective and child-centred approach 

I have created a workshop that considers the science behind 

Temperatures, infections, bruising, burns, wound healing, sleep and issues around food and digestion 

I will teach you about the chemistry behind key essential oils you will want to keep at home and how to dilute them safely for each member of your family 

You will also make a blend to take home depending on your family’s needs. 

If this sounds useful to you, booking is in the event. 


Looking forward to helping you find your way 

Emily xx

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