Do nightmares relive the past or relieve it?

Last night in my dream I found myself confined in an environment 

where in the past I gave my power away
I could see the person clearly
Felt the feelings deeply
I felt suffocated, trapped, cornered

The physical and emotional pain came back
I woke up wondering when I would be over this trauma
Then realised it was my soul
Presenting me with another opportunity to heal
Feel deeper and lose the fear about the dark corners of this memory
When the past is boxed off
Pain in the area makes us want to tighten our locks
Put our defences up or avoid the triggers
Your soul wants to tell you 

You are safe now

Open the box
Inside there is freedom and peace
The soul wants to gently guide you through experiences that need to heal

Nightmares are real but I noticed something last night
It is not to relive your pain but to relieve it 
Your soul, it knows

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