What is Aromatherapy?

What is Aromatherapy?

Is it a waft of lavender?

A bath of bubbles? Or something deeper?

Did you know that all medicines have an ‘active ingredient’ and most of them come from plants. Synthetic forms of these plant extracts have been used in modern medicine.

Essential oils are made of extremely high doses of plant medicine which enter into the bloodstream and heal the body on a cellular level when applied topically and work with the ‘lymbic system’ to calm stress reactions and activate the parasympathetic nervous system and. (The one that makes you better, calmer and well again).

In holistic medicine we work with the body as a whole. I like to think of the body as an ecosystem.

A whole host of causes and reactions happen in our bodies. Our food, our history, whether or not we have experienced trauma (most of us) and to what degree, our immune systems, our response to stress, our genes (30%), how much sleep and the quality of it that we get, how well hydrated we are..

All of this has an impact on how well we are, how easy it is for us to get better and how we respond to disease. Yet, as a culture we chase pain – it’s in my head, neck, chest, oh no its moved.

We forget the emotional connections: like the fact that grief slows the digestion and makes your chest tight, anger creates more acid in the stomach and trauma tightens in the muscles.

In aromatherapy consultations we consider all of this.

What is interesting is that we share over 95% of our DNA with plants so using plant medicine is natural to our bodies. So many times I see people linger over inhaling my bottles and their whole bodies transform.

We are not just the pain in our shoulders, the acid in our stomach or the sciatica flaming down our legs. We are whole people. One person will shrug off an accident, another will suffer emotionally and physically years later. Both are common.

What I do in my treatments is listen and connect to that. Connect the person with the essential oils, releasing, pain relieving, calming yet also rewriting the story and the script. Telling the body on a soul level.

You are safe now.



That’s real healing.

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