What is true?

Your body feels the truth and it feels lies

The truth is calming and reassuring, strengthening and invigorating

Lies confuse, disorientate and feel heavy

It is so important, when I create blends, that I find the truth.

We often know how we want to feel: ‘happy’ or ‘confident’ ‘relaxed’ or ‘calm’

But getting underneath where we are is the first step to getting where we want to be

It’s that old saying, you can’t go where you want to go until you know where you are. Or only by embracing where we are, can we really heal.

So say if there was the aromatherapy version of a happiness button. It might be a big juicy Sweet Orange and Jasmine zinger, maybe with some Uplifting Melissa running through to spark it up.

It will raise your vibration temporarily yet it will not be ‘true’ so part of you will resist the happiness and smell a rat.

My goal as a therapist is just that. Tuning into you. All of you.

Starting with where you are, taking all of you where you want to go.

So I know that behind deep anger is often sadness and fear so we go into the emotion with lower-vibrating Marjoram to sit by you and just be to comfort and connecting deep with the sadness, letting it flow instead of being stuck.

Then I might blend in Cypress which is strengthening and offers you a ladder, opening the structures that are holding you. Cypress also opens you up to new wisdom.

At the top end, gradually I would add in Melissa or Bergamot. This is the crack of light at the end of the cave for when you are ready to venture forwards in a new way.  

Change takes time, rewiring patterns, fine tuning your body, finding space and openings to release and grow.

That’s true, when your body and mind synchronise and find a path forward together.  

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