What does it meant to connect to your truth?

The “I am” centre of the body, or the solar plexus is where we hold our power. When our power has been taken away, it is times we have not stood in our truth or given power away.

As simple as “I don’t know” as an answer is giving your power away as your body always knows. Chakra healing sessions bring some of the most profound realisations for people. When we heal the solar plexus, we connect with who we truly are: our inner power.

What does that mean? A golden glow which dulls after an hour?

It means the opposite: a permanent connection with a deep inner knowing of who you are.

Manipura Solar Plexus Mandala

When you connect with your truth, it has a lightness. You release the need to explain. Your truth is more powerful than any words leaving your lips. Truth radiates from your being with a strength and informs everything you do. You are more than an employee, a parent, child or a partner. You are a unique spark. You bring something to the world that no one else does.

Connecting to the truth is a feeling, an inner knowing deep inside. Truth shines outwards, opens doors, opens hearts and opens minds. Just listen to the lightness of its knowing. That is the truth.

You will feel more confident, but that is just a symptom of being deeply connected to your power and purpose. That is truth.

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