The Aftermath of the CBD Bandwagon

The aftermath of the CBD bandwagon.. is thankfully that credibility is being given to the medicinal molecules found in certain plants known as their healing powers. They are adorned with these for their own protection but as we share over 95% of our DNA with plants, they can help us too.

Medicine started in the garden and in the cooking pot. Our first medicine is always food yet CBD seems to be one of the only oils getting acclaim. I feel this is very media-biased and misleading as the value for money for a very under regulated market is very patchy with very high expectations and little knowledge about how to use these alternative medicines. I worry that thousands are being wasted on an expensive sticking plaster without the quality consultations undertaken by aromatherapists, herbalists and those who are attuned to using plant energies and using them with care and respect.

The CBD interest and credibility over the past few years has been fantastic for alternative and holistic medicine. I do feel incredulous however that it can be accepted as medicine, whereas other essential oils that have been used for thousands of years are still treated with scepticism.

Does CBD have qualities that aren’t found in other plants?
No, it is, however a deep anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substance. However, it wouln’t be my first choice for arthritic pain simply because I can make blends which are equally if not more effective at a fraction of the price. It wouldn’t be my first choice for hayfever or flu either.

I am, however, hoping that the celebrity status given to CBD above other essential oils will raise the profile in a safe and health-bringing way. One thing I find time and time again however is that the very way we look at health is crisis-lead not preventative and based around body parts rather than the whole body as a system which it is.

It is, in part the way we learn about the body and medicine in the West. We think ‘earache’ and want to stick something in our ears, forgetting that we are a whole body system which at the most basic, cellular level is absolutely intrinsically connected. An infection is an infection so the whole body needs to be treated from the point of view of rest, diet and immune support.

Much of the basis of medicine is based on masking symptoms without getting to the root cause. I have met people on my journey who have taken a cellular approach to getting themselves well and done things like reversed thyroid issues, ulcerative colitis, diabetes. In general, medical practice is working around 20 years behind current research.

We have a ‘chasing pain’ attitude to illness. If one thing hurts, we assume it is the source of the pain and needs to be dealt with in isolation. Everyone’s bodies have a ‘weak spot’ where their pain manifests. It is not necessarily where it starts.

Take my massages for example: I am always being asked ‘just do my shoulders’. I completely get it, life is short and money can seem scarce. I want to share with you the most beautiful part of my job.

It is watching as the racing heart calms and resets finding peace, the brow unravels and the stomach loses its grip with gentle gurgles of joy. The eyes that wake up are relaxed and rested, refocused without carrying the load they came in with. Most often this happens when I am massaging feet or heads because there are so many buttons there to switch back to peace and send the internal ‘you are safe and well’ message to your body.

 Your shoulders are tensing because your mind is racing and you are holding too much emotional baggage round your neck. This is a whole-body approach.

The moment when you finish and you say you feel ‘amazing’ and ‘completely blissed out’ is what normal should feel like. Regular massage helps you find which way is up again, re-orientate yourself back to you.

It is so powerful, lying on the table and tuning into yourself. When I first started getting massages and acupuncture treatments I felt like a complete diva but my body, mind and soul were craving it. I would see colours, drift off and find a rest far deeper than I was getting in my sleep at night.

Sometimes what is in the bottle helps, but it is only a tool like any other. Really connecting to the root causes is what brings about real benefits to health.

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