What is your note?

What is your note? Finding your true essence

When we talk about top, middle and base notes, what do we mean?

Each essential oil carries its own vibration that can be measured at the rate at which it evaporates and leaves the blend. Top notes have the highest vibration and base notes the lowest so will stay longest so they will be the lingering scent.

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When you first smell a blend, it will be the top note that you smell first, rising to the surface, then the middle, then the base. The synergy of the oils will be different depending on which oils are blended together. This is why we blend, to make something greater than the sum of its parts yet maintaining the individual characteristics.

Some oils for me really bring each other’s best characteristics out. I love the synergy of Marjoram and Lemongrass the middle and notes as well as Nutmeg and Lavender. It makes me think of the contrasts in colour that make each brighter.  

La terre est bleue comme une orange,

The earth is blue like an orange.

(L’amour la poésie ) Paul Éluard 1929

The contrast of the Marjoram and Lemongrass together makes one another resonate brighter. Just like the image of the orange and blue that works in the mind to make the blue more vibrant because of the stark contrast which is complementary.  Both colours seem fuller and more true because they are contrasted and therefore show more of their true essence. This works in the blending of oils as well. By using oils that vibrate at different frequencies together, we can make their true essence stand out more.

Top notes are good for vibrating energy out of the body and connecting with a higher version of ourselves. I use Lemongrass in my crown chakra spray for this reason. I use Lemon in my arthritis blend for its ability to ‘flush’ the joints with other oils in my blend that reduce pain, the Lemon then takes it away through the blood stream and into the urine. Emotionally, I see top notes as the light at the end of a tunnel or the sun flickering between the leaves. It can show you the way.

Middle notes have an affinity with the middle chakras and creating balance in the body. Middle notes are oils such as Chamomile Roman, Clary Sage and Geranium. They create the heart of the blend and as I do during my meditations, I connect with the heart first, the emotional body. Essential oils create pathways in the body energetically, paving the way for new connections to be made between the heart and the sacrum for example or the heart and the third eye, drawing of all of its wisdom and being more whole.

Base notes are the foundation, like the onions and spice we add to the pan before we make a pot of delicious food. Base notes bring the vibration lower and more grounded in situations where people may be ‘too much in their head’ or suffering panic attacks or feeling light headed. Base notes work the same way that lightening is earthed into the ground and transmuted, they send excesses of energy back to the Earth. Base notes are often woody, like Cedarwood Atlas or Frankincense or can be used for sleep and calm. They can be the root, like Valerian or Vetiver or the flower like Ylang Ylang. They are sturdy oils that bring a sense of power and strength.

Each blend I make will combine notes in this way so that the oils are given chance to be expressed without being blurred into too many of the same frequency. I also combine the chemistries for the purpose of the blend or plant families or elements. Yet the principal is the same: allowing each oil the space to express its uniqueness and flavour as part of the blend bringing the ‘tuning’ of the body into balance.

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