Why Don’t Feel, Don’t Express, Don’t Rock the Boat is making us Ill and Addicted

Yesterday I spoke about the narrative of change – compassionately receiving yourself as you change and evolve each day.

As a species, we are naturally expansive, evolving and changing. We have the capacity to learn every day with the determination of a toddler learning to walk or a bird learning to fly.

Yet some of the things we have learnt before we were seven become ‘hard wired’ and interfere with this process:

Don’t feel..

Don’t say..

Don’t rock the boat….

We want to evolve yet we fear change. We are so contradictory. How we feel is our internal compass, and without that decisions are difficult to make and energy doesn’t flow because our hearts and minds are disconnected.

Yet results don’t lie, people are unhappier than ever, stress related illness is at levels higher than ever.

The old way of supressing emotions no longer serves us. The old way of not expressing how we feel makes us disconnected from ourselves and unable to express the truth in our hearts and the old way of resisting change has left us fearful, ill and with a planet that is suffering.

What happens when we don’t feel or express?
The heart doesn’t connect with the body, has no voice, no validation

The circuitry of self-love and self-actualisation becomes blocked which leads to addiction. The endless loop of distraction as anyway to numb the hurt.

Gabor Mate has been celebrated recently in his connections that “all addictions, alcohol or drugs, sex addiction or internet addiction, gambling or shopping – are attempts to regulate our internal states, because we’re not comfortable and the discomfort originates in childhood.”

In place of the natural flow of the chakras to become our best selves and most fulfilled, we have outsourced the self-love and self-care to something else.

We have learnt to cling to things which make us feel safe yet we have to unravel to loosen or stuckness to move forwards with ease.

The first place we need to feel safe is inside our own hearts

The chakra-healing work I do with aromatherapy, energy reading and guided meditation is energetic and creative – imagining, drawing, moving, retuning with essential oils. We create new space to grow and new connections within the body, new expressions, new communication.

The oils I recommend for change are also cited with Valerie Ann Worward “Aromatherapy for the Soul” – a book I would really recommend

Cedarwood “allows us to look into our past while looking forward to the future in strength of heart and wisdom, and with security and love”

Elemi “a fragrance of placidity, of the quiet need to hear our own soul speak from the depth withing”

Orange “conquers fear of letting go, and obssessions. The fragrance uplifts those with obsession so they can see the full spectrum of life”

To create something new, it must first be imagined, then the energy can flow there – opening new space energetically which is how the oils work in chakra- healing work. Then being able to connect the mind’s eye  with the area and recreate the flow of love through each cell will bring back your power to being able to feel, express and be who you really are.

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