Yoga At Little Hiccups: Such a Wonderful Journey

This morning brought all of the magical tingles to my heart! Gorgeous gorgeous session with the most amazing and inspiring children.

When Deborah and I met we were so excited that we shared a vision for yoga for additional needs.

We had some conversations and quickly made some important decisions about what we thought it should look like and include.

From my background as a SENCO and holistic therapist, I brought some tools for developing interaction and calm, developed for children with autism but wholly beneficial for all children with communication difficulties.

We set intentions about how the sessions should feel that we would invite children to the activities but have no expectation as we knew that if we created the right environment it would happen.

We included Movement Based Learning, something that Deborah has recently trained in to bring sensory integration and benefits to the vestibular system.

We use sound, massage, aromatherapy, all holistic tools which make the sessions truly magical.

Once we find out who is on the course, we select the right ingredients to suit them. We are currently on our third course and having some amazing feedback.

Today I found out that one of the dads had gone out and created an aromatherapy blend for his daughter based on my advice and that she absolutely loved it.

Another dad told me that this class is the best thing his son has ever done. My heart popped open again.

During our animal sun salutation song we see week after week more strength and coordination as the children learn the songs and know what is coming next.

Deborah and I are so grateful we have been able to do this and looking forwards to bringing more sessions to more children across Leeds.

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