First Signs of Spring

It is so beautiful to capture moments in time. Even though the seasons are cyclical, there is an anniversary of firsts that scatter through the year. The first glimpses of wild garlic this morning gave me this thrill. Peaking out between the brown leaves. My daughter is excited to make wild garlic pesto with it, my son calls it pasta curry which doesn’t sound as appetising. We are looking forwards to when the sprigs grow bigger and we can visit “Wild Garlic Forest” together and plan more recipes.

It turns out that getting your own pair of secateurs and whittling knife aged 6 and 8 is as exciting as an X-box ( or the equivalent for 2021. I have no clue about technology so apologies if I am 20 years out of date).  I’m glad of that though, with nature, you can always keep up with the times, deepening and enriching your connection each season and greeting the awakening of each species, meeting them like old friends.

It is also an amazing time to go and talk to a tree. Tell them what you have been up to. They are still quite sleepy this time of year so you might need a while for them to come round but really tell them. It is a beautiful thing to be in with the trees. I felt a real crinkle of joy when I shared some good news with them last year. They really thrive on connection. Just like we do, only I always get the sense they already know what I’m going to say. Still, they’re great listeners and never interrupt me. I always feel heard and held in the presence of a tree.

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