How can we become more ‘whole’?

Sometimes we treat the ‘thing’Like our bodies are a mass of appendages sewn togetherThe virus is treated with antibiotics and the shoulder pain painkillersAnd the IBS gavisconBut what if they are all connected? We are a body, a mind, a soul and the same energy that flows through our minds, flows through our veins andContinue reading “How can we become more ‘whole’?”

Information Session: Yoga for Additional Needs

Hope you can join us for this INFORMATION SESSION for parents/caregivers/guardians about our 6 week course for children with additional needs. The course runs from Sunday 16 June for 6 weeks and is for parent/guardian/carer to attend with their child. For information or to reserve your place for Sunday’s information session please contact orContinue reading “Information Session: Yoga for Additional Needs”