Random Things About Me

I am Emily,

I believe there is a reason that you have found me and decided you might want find a little bit of what you need on this site. 

I love Flamenco, and since I started dancing age 30 having never been to a dance class and after the consultant at Wythenshawe Hospital told me I would never walk properly, I thought I’d better do something for myself. I used  essential oils, had acupuncture, soul retrieval, counselling – all part of the journey back to me! 

My journey to recovery wasn’t straightforward but the important part was the journey inwards. It didn’t make sense at the time to heal a body I didn’t enjoy being inside so the first part was connecting back to myself. The second part was realising that although I would never be the same, it was important to embrace where I was and there was so much to learn!

Part of my journey involved working for Manchester Children’s Fund with a topic close to my heart: children’s voices. We worked with photographer Paul Cliff: http://www.paulcliff.co.uk/ to produce a powerful exhibition at Urbis in Manchester to aim to give a voice to those that may not feel listened to. Years later, it is through helping my clients to rewrite their stories that I have helped them to reframe their lives and connect with their inner healer. 

Listening to your heart and hearing what it says is something I really inspire in my clients, particularly those working on long term programs with me.

It can start with small reminders that you don’t perhaps fit in with what is going on around you. For example, I love garlic mushrooms for breakfast. The first time I realised this joy – I nearly made my daughter late for school but now I like to embrace the things that I love more without it having a dramatic effect on my life.

I love my garden. I sit in it and really unwind. I am really connected to trees and have a ‘tree friend’ in Meanwood Forest who listens to my ramblings and grounds me. Me and the Hazel Tree are very connected and after I have given some intense healing treatments I often take my energy there to ground and find the wisdom of the earth between the trees. I know that this changes the quality of life for me and helps me give more to those who work with me. 

Every day I let the fairies guide me. I use fairy cards but they are just a tool – the real wisdom is already within us. 

I believe that when people say to me ‘I don’t know’ it simply isn’t true; we just need to acknowledge what our body, heart and soul is saying and listen. I can help you join the dots and see patterns you may not have noticed. 

If you feel drawn to connect, have a look at my resources at how I work or workshops to see if something feels exciting to you. 

With all love and healing blessings!

Emily xx

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