Full moon deliveries

The shop

I offer a delivery service once a month in the Leeds area and nationwide postal orders.

This is something I do as part of a monthly cycle

All orders need to be made by the new moon.

and I will deliver on the full moon.

Sage Smudging Spray 25ml

Sage smudging spray for aura and rooms. Blended in pure Bulgarian rose water


I express throat chakra spray

A healing aura spray to open your throat chakra. To be used in conjunction with the healing meditations. Pure essential oils blended in organic Bulgarian rose water.


Hypnobirthing Anchor

This blend is to be used throughout pregnancy to provide emotional support and an anchor to bring strength and calm throughout your pregnancy. Orange Sweet (uplifting and calming to the digestive system), Ylang Ylang (A deeply grounding base note which brings strength and reassurance) Rose Geranium (Heart healing blend, anti-inflammatory and soothing)


Pillow Spray 25ml

Beautiful relaxing and calming pillow spray blended in rose water. Contains a selection of sedative essential oils: Cedarwood Atlas, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Nutmeg


I stock all penny price essential oils and carrier oils at the same price as an official distributor. Email me about any of the properties if you are unsure what to get


How do you make the most out of your essential oils?
I have advice and recipe cards to download.

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