Movement and Dance

The Dance of Spring with Emily Winter & Paul Mill ♥

Sacral Healing Through Dance, Music & Angelic Reiki…

This is the third in a series of healing dance journeys, welcoming spring with the energies of rebirth, sensuality, the sacral chakra space and initiating growth.

Emily & Paul present:

A dance movement workshop with Flamenco Guitar…

Connecting with the body and the breath…

No previous dance experience is necessary! ALL are welcome ♥

“Bring yourself into union with the season and the flow in your body with a meditation, dance and Angelic Reiki healing.

We will initiate the practice by anointing essential oils of the season to awaken sensuality and joy, setting intentions and opening into them through meditation and dance.

Connect with the womb space so our ideas and inspiration may blossom fully without judgement or shame. Dance is something which brings together our mind and our body. From a young age, we can sometimes associate the womb space with shame or trauma, all of which disconnect us from expressing ourselves authentically in movement. This beautiful workshop gently unlocks this flow and embraces its beauty.

We will find new ground within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, connecting with the emotions in each area of our and allowing this to guide us.

The session will be accompanied by flamenco guitarist Paul Mill, who will hold the space with music, empathetically following the energies in the room and expressing the depths of emotion through the music.

The session will end in meditation, and sharing circle, empowering you to embrace and nurture these aspects of yourself in your relationships, life and purpose.”

About Your Guides:

Emily is a Clinical Aromatherapist, Angelic Reiki Master and flamenco dancer. Her chakra healing work draws the physical, emotional and spiritual body into alignment and truth.

Paul is a flamenco guitarist, an experimental musician interested in responding to dancers in their truth, creating music to allow the authentic expression of emotion and spirit.

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With love,

ookushana xxxxxxx

Sunday 15th December: 3-5pm Healing Movement and Dance with Flamenco Guitar

Finding Strength

  • Dance movement workshop with Flamenco Guitar
  • Connecting with the body and the breath
  • No previous dance experience is necessary

Learn to connect the different areas of the body with stored emotions and connect with the stories and feelings in your body ready to release
We will release body and breath in unison, using flowing postures and releasing joints connecting the mind and the breath. This is gentle and mindful, suitable for all levels.

This session is entitled Finding Strength, as it works with the powerful rhythms of the seguiriyas and Base Oils of Cedarwood of Silver Fir. It is about finding strength in the body, adapting to changes and creating strength energetically in the body in order to become and embody that in your reality.

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