Here are some resources I have created to assist my clients in their healing journeys with me.

Downloads For Consultation

Client Consultation Please complete before your first consultation with me to ensure I tailor the session to meet your needs.

Chakra Healing Questionnaire This is to be used in long-term chakra-healing programs and also to help determine which of my chakra aromatherapy blends would most suit your needs. Read the guidance before completing.

Diet and Nutrition Resources

Food and Circadian Clock Diary

This is a resource I created for my whole body balance, nutrition and weight loss clients. Please use the diary to create a base line in the two weeks before we start our program.

The gut is an amazing organism which has a massive impact on the rest of the body. Clients who come to me with skin issues, fatigue and hormonal imbalances have found this gut reset useful as it helps to identify triggers for inflammations and enables you to get a clearer look at what is going into your body. I recommend using this alongside a diary to monitor symptoms along the way.

Guided Meditations

This meditation is fantastic for those that can feel drained by other energies and ‘take on’ the emotional states of others. It is good for those who feel overburdened, helping you to create your own energy field and feel and energise your own energy.

Mother Earth Meditation and Tree Healing Guidance

This Mother Earth Meditation connects you to the healing energies of Gaia and allows you to feel completely grounded. The Tree Healing Guidance is an audio file to enable you to make a regular connection with the tree dryads and healing energies of trees. This works equally well whether you live in city or in the countryside although I recommend finding a healing space in nature where you can connect regularly.


The rose bush in my garden

Emotional and Spiritual Aromatherapy

What are the Chakras? Caroline Myss

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