What does trauma do to your body and soul?

All my consultation sheets have the question:

have you experienced any trauma?


99.9% of people answer no but it might surprise you to know that most people have.


Does it have to be dramatic in the trenches or explosions stuff?


Not at all, trauma can be very mundane. In fact, I believe our culture normalises it by encouraging people to ‘stay strong’ or ‘get over it’


Grief is trauma

Separation is trauma

Low level stress over time

Not being able to express yourself

Living with high level stress

Not feeling safe

Not having access to unconditional love

Living in an environment which denies emotions

Not feeling heard


These are just some examples which might sound normal for you.


Yet it isn’t about what has happened or is yet to come but about how this manifests in us that matters. If we feel it and we know it has affected who we are and our sense of self worth. Then it is trauma. Trauma can sneak up as the most ‘normal’ events over time.

Frequent illness and tiredness can be a sign of trauma.

As can unexplained pain or compromised body systems, particularly the digestive system, where we get our ‘gut’ feelings.

What I’m interested in is how it affects your body, your shoulders, your hips, your mind, your soul.

What has happened to your energy body?

Is it balanced? Does it have boundaries?

Do you feel safe in there?


Clients have often spoken to me about feeling emotional or tearful after treatments-  whether massage or Reiki


this is perfectly normal as I work with your physical and emotional body to unknot any stiffness or soreness


The important thing to do is notice, and let it go


If you have any vivid dreams, write them down and try to notice what is being processed ready to release


Always be gentle with yourself and don’t judge emotions as they come up.


Emotions are your gold. Helping you to get to know you.


Emotions help you make decisions to help you.


The most important person in your world

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