Aromatherapy Prescriptions
I use Emily’s oil blend for my hip as was diagnosed with arthritis a couple of years ago. It works a treat and really takes the pain away. Much better than voltarol.

The blend  makes my hip feel more mobile, less stiff and achey and can do more exercise xx

R, Halifax

My grandchildren look forward to yoga. 

They may not always appear to be taking part but ‘play yoga’ when they get home. They remember it all and tell their mum all about it. They are relaxed and happy afterwards and Ienjoy taking part with them. A great bonding experience 
Ann, Leeds 

My baby and I love coming to Emily’s class. My baby is delighted by the toys and props that Emily uses, as well as the songs and stories He finds it really funny watching the mums get into their yoga positions. 

It’s a relaxing, laid back class in a magical, welcoming space. Emily also has useful exercises and advice for Mums meaning that everyone goes home happy and chilled out.

Carolyn, Leeds 

I would like to thank Emily for introducing the precious ‘Gift of Nature’ that enables me to spread so much well-being but also to the other side of the world too. I have been using Emily’s essential oils for the past 4 or 5 years and never looked back.  The power of essential oils speak for itself when I say that I use them for practically everything.

They are in my face masks, my pillow spray and in my diffuser. I know when I want a spa like feeling in my home I put wild orange in my diffuser and sometimes when I’m not sure which oil to use I know I can rely on good old Frankincense!

Lavender has become my best friend for lots of things. Ylang ylang is just out of this world. Women my age also love Clary Sage when it comes to balancing hormones.

I have also had some amazing massage sessions and reflexology. Just three massage sessions helped to put my frozen shoulder to bay for good!

I love the fact that you don’t just massage or make tailored oils and spread the good energy through Reiki you also LISTEN so well. That is so important and powerful.

Recently Emily introduced Reiki to me. I only had a taster session but it was enough to make me feel that my body needs more of that goodness. I liked how I felt and enjoyed the subtle transmission of energy to me and I can’t wait for a lot more of that !!

Ravinder, Moortown 

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