My Story

Back in 2000, I was told by the consultants at Wythenshawe Hospital that I wouldn’t walk again. I fell into a state of inactivity, depression and my life would never be the same. All five tendons in my left foot had been severed. My left foot hung away limp, nerves were not communicating and I had no way of moving it other than from the knee. I am lucky it is still attached to my leg as it was only saved by a fast operation.

This felt like the end but it was really just the beginning. Everything I experienced in this time deeply touched me and I feel it every time I meet a client. I know what it is like to feel disconnected from my body and not want to re live the trauma. Each time we reconnect with an old wound it is emotional. Massage for me isn’t just about a series of movements, it is a deeply transformational process where I hold the emotional experience of the client as deeply as the physical.

This is the beauty of aromatherapy. We work holistically. Mind, body and soul.

I won’t go into all the details here but it was a journey which above all meant connecting with my most tender parts both physically and emotionally.

I also taught myself and sought out people who could help me. From the podiatrist at Lille in France to the acupuncturist in Harrogate, to the Manchester Chinese Herbalist to the Massage therapist in Leeds. I found what I needed, but most importantly, I found me.

I don’t believe any therapist will take anyone anywhere they haven’t been themselves. I believe my story is as intrinsic to my work as my qualifications.

It is about being yourself x

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