Why do I do what I do?

How did I discover my passion? I would say I have many passions in my life but for me a passion is often born out of something you have lived, mastered and transcended. I passionately believe in the power of transformation, love and forgiveness. I love the way my soul intervenes when it know best. [...]

March Newsletter

It brings me a lot of joy to say I am about to start my third month of full self employment. Not only that, I have learnt that it’s ok to do it my way. I have always cared passionately about our Earth and health. After watching loved ones pass away and reflecting on time [...]

Welcome Back!

Hi I hope you’ve all had a very lovely half term. I feel I have had some thinking space and one of the things I want to really make time for is more time in nature with my children and more creating. I just love the sense of glowing pride of children (and inner children) when we [...]

Giving it a Name

Giving words to what is happening in the body is something I find very powerful. At the site of an old injury for example the muscles contract like armour to protect They also hold onto the emotions associated with that injury. It could be shame, guilt or anger Unaware that the injury deep inside has [...]