Aromatherapy Alchemy

This is aromatherapy of magic. We will work with the four elements to bring changes of state through aromatherapy.

We work with the fire element, to ignite passion, bring protection, illuminate the truth and give energy and flames  to a situation to help bring it into being

We work with the element of water to cleanse, purify and release emotions from our watery hearts

We work with the Earth element to bring grounding, safety, solidity and a holding energy to manifest our dreams

We work with the element of air to bring intuition, clarity, consciousness, intuition and blow the winds of change, the ancestors and our guides

I will guide you how to make altar sprays, work with The Angelic Kingdom, The Plant Kingdom and the Dragons to infuse their healing energies into your blends.

I will guide you in harnessing the elements and choosing oils and blending them with synergy to capture the power of each element.

All the oils will be provided and posted in advance

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