The Mentorship

This is a full six month journey which is tailored to your own personal and spiritual development. Each mentorship is unique.

I have created a mentorship, my clients describe my mentoring sessions as ‘somewhere between a counsellor, a life coach and a healer. In this guise I have helped so many navigate huge changes in their lives and reach the true potential of who they truly are.

I teach each of my clients the tools to self-mastery, intuition and take them along the journey of working with shadows and unveiling masks to reveal the shining light that is your soul.

Sessions are all intuitively guided, I teach protection, energy activation and the ability to speak from the soul.

I do healings as part of the programs and channel meditations and activations from the highest source.

6 months of support

Six in-person 2 hour sessions

Online support

Access to all my online resources and toolkits

Supporting you, empowering you and witnessing your blossoming