Yoga for Additional Needs

Yoga, Movement and Sensory Balancing for Children with Additional Needs. Bringing children and families together with movement, massage, singing and play.

We finished a six week family yoga sessions at Little Hiccups and we were so sad that they have come to an end that we have put another in the diary. They were such joyful times, bringing children and families together with movement, massage, singing and play.

One of the wonderful things that came out of it was the wonderful sense of community with the children and mums and dads. The children were eager to start each time and enjoyed mirroring their parents and wrapping themselves up in the mat like a sausage for the fantastic sensory feedback it gives.

Everything was an invitation to do but after a few weeks, everyone was joining in and anticipating the songs and actions, able to respond. We were able to demonstrate hands-on techniques such as massage to bring about calm and postures to strengthen the balance and encourage interaction. One dad was so impressed with the aromatherapy and massage, he went out to buy oils to massage his daughter at home and has shared his experiences with other parents.

Each session is based on the principles of movement, body work, breathwork and exploration. This approach creates a space for exploration, inspiration and sharing.

  • Develop yoga as a joyful and calming tool in the home
  • Six sessions which build upon each other, each focusing on a different discipline
  • The sessions are opportunities to build your support network and learn from fellow expert parents

Delivered in collaboration with Deborah Grossman from Yoga With Debs.


What Teachers Say

“… the deep breathing exercises are extremely helpful for him and a strategy we have been teaching him to use when he is in his calm area in school.”

“… noticeable changes in his behaviour and is able to articulate his feelings and needs much more than he was before.”



To organise a course at your organisation or a 1:1 for your child, contact Emily or Debs.



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