Temple Woman Subscription Boxes


Product Description

Each month on the full moon, we will produce a different gift box made by local entrepreneurs. Each box is lovingly created by the sisterhood community Temple Woman.

What are they?

Beautifully hand made and locally produced gift boxes which showcase businesses of the Temple Woman community. 


How do I get them?

They will be delivered to your door on the Full Moon

How do I get my products in the boxes?

If you join the Temple Woman Community, you will receive support for your business and the opportunity to add your products to these gift boxes. If your business does not provide a product but provides a service then you will also have the opportunity to contribute this to our events. We see this as a fully collaborative venture. 

What are the benefits?

You will be supported emotionally with this community and have access to spiritual development and courses of workshops which would usually be much more expensive. 

Where does my money go from the boxes?

The money goes to each business that contributed so they can earn money from their contribution and a percentage goes towards the co-operative to fund collaborative ventures such as events or sacred spaces for us to be together.


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