Scar Tissue

Scars are really interesting things to work with

Once the surgery is done

And the stitches removed

That’s where my work starts

The tissue is harder and sensations distorted

If there has been nerve damage or trauma,

things can feel quite strange


You might sense an ‘aura’ of nerves bigger than the actual limb where the scar is

Like a forcefield

This is to protect it from further damage

 I have experienced this

No one was allowed to touch my scars

and I could sense when anything was getting close

This is a natural protection mechanism in- built in the body

Create armour

Protect our vulnerable parts

Under the scar is fragile,

New cells growing

Healing is happening

I always ask, before a massage whether there are any sites of accident or injury

Not so I can avoid them

But so I can integrate them

And bring them back to the body with touch

Scars need touch and movement

Gentle care, welcoming back

Or they limit circulation and hold the trauma of the time

Held in that space

Skin gets coarse and limbs stiffen

the body compensates and alternate shoulders or hips may also seize up

Phrases like ‘my bad arm’

Or ‘bad knee’ might seem benign

But they really tell a story about how the body is healing

Being kept at a distance and away from the wholeness of the body

In my shamanic work I treat physical scars and energetic scars with the same care

Once the newness has grown inside the scar,

It is time for the scar to soften, to integrate the newness

Often muscles have wasted slightly and need gently activating

Nerves may be firing haphazardly

Sending mixed signals

Rather than keeping your ‘bad arm’ or ‘bad knee’ at a distance

Invite them back into the body

Acknowledge the journey

And say:

Welcome back

You are here

You survived, now let us invite you back in

With love

Then you can invite in the care that you need:

Carrier oils love to bring healing to scars:

Hypericum is anti-inflammatory and calming to nerves

Arnica is pain relieving and reduces swelling

Essential oils with esters and alcohols are best for scars

Reducing the risk of infection

Reducing swelling

Healing the cells: Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium and Copaiba

Self massage and touch are ways to invite these parts of you back in

Tell the story, acknowledge the size

It doesn’t have to be a brush with death to send your nervous system spinning

Deep in your soul something stirred

Now the cells are healing,

Go deeper and bring yourself back

To yourself

Opening the scar

Is a gift


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