Shamanic Healing Events

Shamanic Womb Healing; a return to the sacred with Mother Earth

The offering will be online but the final session will be a Beltane Fire Festival on the 30th April in person

Starting Friday 26th March 6.30pm-8.00pm

Week One:

The Heart:

Journeying to the heart, the wise source of intuition and feeling

Bringing our Hearts into our lives and allowing them to speak and be heard

Speaking the voice of our hearts without judgement or anxiety

Week Two


Creating a safe space for you in your womb and your relationships

Drawing honourable boundaries to feel safe in relationships after emotional and physical abuse

The root chakra, the roots in the Earth, the nest

Journeying into the void and finding safety

Week Three

Releasing the Patterns of:

  • Past relationships that haven’t served you where the energy remains
  • Emotions that you weren’t born with that have been given to you in this lifetime
  • Shame and Judgement in the Womb Space

Week Four

Bringing in the Gifts:

Your Connection with Mother Earth – opening the gateway through the soil and the leaves

The mother in the Earth – your energetic ties Earthing with the chakras in the feet

Your Healing with Tree and Plant energies

Womb planning for a more whole and sensual creative existence

Week Five

Tapping into your creativity and the voice of the womb

Your Divine Feminine Creatrix

Exploring creativity from the womb: automatic writing, poetry and drawing opening the flow of magic within you

Embracing our feminine – keeping her safe asking for what she wants

Learning to receive and flow

Connecting to the wisdom

Week Six

Beltane Fire Festival

Connecting with your truth and celebrating You

Bringing in the gifts of fertility and creativity

Who are  you?

A journey of healing, meditation and dance with sacred fire and cacao

Are you inspired?

Energy Exchange: £72.00 Payable in instalments

Deposit of £20.00 on booking and balance due before the first session

Includes initial welcome call to set intentions unique to you.


Places are limited to keep you held, nurtured and loved

Samhain Ancestral Healing

This is a beautiful sacred ceremony to honour the matriarchal ancestral line seven generations past.

We will journey to meet these souls and gain wisdom and knowledge about who we are and the gifts our ancestral line has taught us. We will honour them and thank them for this, connecting deeply with these energies to bring us a greater sense of who we are.

We will then cut ourselves free from energies which do not need to be brought forwards in our own lives and generations to come.

Begins: 7.00pm in the yurt

Bring any item to honour an ancestor for the altar

e.g flowers, an item of jewellery, glass of whiskey  

Energy exchange: £20.00

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