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Saturday 17th August 10.00 – 12.00 pm: Healing With The Trees

More and more people are recognising the healing quality of our woodlands. This is a session to ‘release’ more and ‘connect’ to make your time in the woodland more magical. I will also teach you how to connect with different trees for your own healing journey.

Tuesday 10th September: Chakra Healing Meditation with Angelic Energies

Enjoy the beautiful healing rays of the Angelic Kingdom as you connect with your emotional and spiritual body in this guided meditation. Includes intention setting, sharing circle and organic teas from my garden.

£5.00 7-9pm at my treatment room

12th September Pilates for Pain Relief

6 Week Pilates course with a focus on pain management bringing mobility and strength to the body

Sunday 15th September: The Spiritual and Emotional Anatomy of Aromatherapy

Discover how to work with the emotional body and spiritualbody when self-healing. Connect with the breath and the body to listen to its wisdom and needs

Choose essential oils to bring balance and flow into the body and be able to use them safely and confidently.

Part One:
Guided meditation accompanied by live harmonium to connect with the breath, thebody and the inner healer. I will teach how the different energy centres, areas of the body and organs are associated with different emotions such as the hips associated with base chakra trauma.

The emotional body; I will connect you with your emotional body to be able to see the emotions arising in your body and how to communicate with them using the breath and different frequencies of essential oils.

You will then be guided to create the perfect blend toharmonise your spiritual and emotional layer. I will teach you how the essential element of each plant and how the emotional and spiritual healing can bring about the physical healing and equilibrium in the body.

Healing Voice Work and Embodiment led by Satnam to finish withlive harmonium.

A truly blissful session to transform your inner world witharomatherapy, breath and sound.

1.00 – 3.00pm £22.00

Glass House Gallery, Chapel Allerton. Booking in shop

Saturday 21st September 10.00-12.00pm

Aromatherapy for Mums and Dads (and mums and dads to be!)

Sunday 17th November 1-5pm

Chakra Healing Aromatherapy with movement, Sound Healing and Guided Visualisation to live harmonium. £36.00

Ookushana, Chapel Allerton

Saturday 28th September

Flamenco Dance and Romany Workshop as part of World on Our Doorstep

This workshop is for anyone who dances for joy and wants their body to really ‘feel’ the dance.

Emily is a holistic therapist and teacher with a passion for connecting people back to their bodies without judgement. The body is the map of our lives, learning to dance into each pain and scar to invigorate and show love back to the body.
Emily’s dance journey started 15 years ago after being rushed to hospital in an ambulance realising life-changingly that she may never walk again. Her dance is that of empowerment and healing. A journey back home.

Emily will guide your body into the passionate music of flamenco holding space for the dance of your soul.
Guitar accompaniment from Paul Mill.


10.30am – 12.30pm Seven Arts, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton

Friday 13th December: Weaving Winter Wreaths

Weave a willow wreath with evergreen, holly and bay to set off your front door or hearth for the season. We will weave in our intentions for the season of rest and stillness. We will go into my garden to cut the willow, select herbs, evergreens and berries of the season and complete the session with a sharing circle.

7.00-9.00pm £6.00

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