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Angelic Reiki Level One and Two Practitioner

12th September Pilates for Pain Relief

6 Week Pilates course with a focus on pain management bringing mobility and strength to the body

Enjoy the beautiful healing rays of the Angelic Kingdom as you connect with your emotional and spiritual body in this guided meditation. Includes intention setting, sharing circle and organic teas from my garden. £5.00 7-9pm at my treatment room at home

Sunday 17th November 1-5pm

Chakra Healing Aromatherapy with movement, Sound Healing and Guided Visualisation to live harmonium. £36.00

Ookushana, Chapel Allerton

Friday 13th December: Weaving Winter Wreaths

Weave a willow wreath with evergreen, holly and bay to set off your front door or hearth for the season. We will weave in our intentions for the season of rest and stillness. We will go into my garden to cut the willow, select herbs, evergreens and berries of the season and complete the session with a sharing circle.

7.00-9.00pm £6.00

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