I hold the belief that each person has a spark inside them and it is my job as a therapist to ignite that self-healing spark.

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Working with me is very hands-on and empowering. My clients are taught self-massage and meditation techniques, to find and release pain or tension from their physical and emotional body always within a context of safety and support. I also support the healing process creatively in my workshops be it writing, dancing or drawing to express the depth of emotions we are releasing and bringing the soul back to vitality through the process.







I really appreciate working with someone who radiates authenticity and who is working on themselves. When you listen, you listen deeply and with presence and I really feel that you understand what I am saying far beyond the words spoken. You have first hand experience and knowledge of what I am going through and you are both sensitive and direct in approaching the work at hand. Your attention to detail and appreciation of the subtleties of human sense means that I feel held and safe in the sessions and can integrate what I am learning into daily life.

Sarah B, Leeds

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Aromatherapy is so much more than smell, it is the interaction between the limbic system and the emotional memories of the soul, it is the healing of the body through the gentle application of oils through massage.

Each session with me is truly unique as I work intuitively with my guides. You will be safely held in the healing space for your connection with the Angelic Realm. You will be brought back to your awareness of yourself as a divine being and receive the nourishing rays of the Angels.

My clients describe my 1:1 mentoring sessions as ‘somewhere between a counsellor, a life coach and a
healer. In this guise I have helped so many navigate huge changes in their lives
and reach the true potential of who they truly are.

Yoga, Movement and Sensory Balancing for Children with Additional Needs. Bringing children and families together with movement, massage, singing and play.

Preventing pain and managing the body’s reactions to pain is really key for anyone living with pain. This class is suitable for anyone who suffers aches and pains including those with conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia or frozen shoulder issues.

Shamanic Healing is a very deep and sacred form of healing where I work with tools such as my drum, rattle and sword. During these sessions, you will take an active role in your healing. I will support you by journeying and channel the wisdom from my guides to connect you with what is happening on a soul level.