I am where I am in my life now much because of the healing with you and I don't remember ever being this happy without any particular reason. More loving and kind with myself than ever. Love you Emily and all your work. 

O, Leeds

Thank you so much for my journey. I have listened to the recording and I am blown away. Spot on about everything

C, Liverpool

Over the last 12 months I have worked with Emily starting with Pilates for sciatica and back pain. I had already tried chiropractors , physio and completed a pain management course and various strong pain killers and not forgetting years on antidepressants. In these sessions she uses aromatherapy which has led me onto doing an aromatherapy course with her. Some of this has been done via zoom sessions.

Emily brought her own style to the Pilates including chakra healing which began a journey of deep emotional healing. It has brought me a calmness I have never experienced before.

There is something about Emily that I am drawn to, a genuine desire to help people and its not just a job and a pay cheque!

I finally had a consultation with Emily, She helped me make a blend for arthritis to use on my hands and produced a video for me to follow on how to massage my them. This has been of great benefit.

Most recently I have had a hands on session from Emily for pain, she used many of her healing tools and gave me instruction on making an appropriate aromatherapy blend to continue using after. I cannot wait until I can have further treatments from her in the new year.

The first time I met Emily I did say to her I was meant find her!

Thank you for being you

Stephanie, Pudsey

My practitioner referred me to Emily for shamanic healing. I’ve just had my 6th session and experienced my first journey and it was truly amazing.

The work I am doing with Emily is helping me heal emotional issues I’ve had for years, stemming back to the relationship I had with my mother. In just one session with Emily years of emotional issues were lifted. I’ve had counselling which didn’t help but one session with Emily totally changed my whole perspective which has helped me so much.

Emily is amazing at what she does and I feel totally comfortable and at ease with her. Shamanic work will be part of my life from now on and so will Emily. She’s brilliant.

Dian, Manchester

I initially contacted Emily for advice regarding my young son who was in need of emotional support in the absence of his father. I was looking for something holistic, specifically aromatherapy, which I thought could help hold him in a way that words (or the physicality of his absent dad) couldn't at the time. You provided a session in response to this in which Lyndon blended his own oil and you introduced Yoga moves to help him process his emotions. I began to realise that Lyndon's wellbeing was also directly connected to my own so I booked some healing sessions with you, which naturally led to the Shamanic work we are now doing together.

Emily’s work with Lyndon was very important in helping him to feel seen and heard when I was struggling. It gave me a way to reconnect with him and work on myself to be able to be there with him. The work we are continuing to do together is helping me to look at and work with things I had no idea about because they were so deeply in the shadows. You are helping me to acknowledge the trauma, to ground, to come to terms with where I have been and connect with aspects of myself that are giving me strength going forwards.

I really appreciate working with someone who radiates authenticity and who is working on themselves. When you listen, you listen deeply and with presence and I really feel that you understand what I am saying far beyond the words spoken. You have first hand experience and knowledge of what I am going through and you are both sensitive and direct in approaching the work at hand. Your attention to detail and appreciation of the subtleties of human sense means that I feel held and safe in the sessions and can integrate what I am learning into daily life.

Sarah, Leeds