Recurring Classes

Shamanic Womb Healing Sanctuary

12th April to 17th May

19:00 - 20:30 | We Are Wellness

This is a deep journey of transformation and healing where you will be supported with shamanic consultations before and after the course for your safety and healing.

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Womb Healing Online 3 Month Journey

Monday 4th April

7:00 - 8.30pm | online

This is a very deep three month journey where you work both alone with video, written and journaling resources but also have access to with me via zoom and messaging.

We have 12 sessions of healing and support over 3 months.

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Online Womb Shaman's Circle


9-10am and 7-8pm | Online

Weekly Womb Healing Sanctuary of Support 

This can be a drop-in but the teaching and meditation will be recorded and in the womb healing portal shared for when you need it

The Themes We Will Be Working With 

The feminine, the sacred and the unique expression of feminine energy for and of itself

The masculine, the inner holding, communicator of needs and strength

The archetypes: the wild woman, the goddess, the sage, the bone mother, the owl mother, the maiden, the lover, the creatrix, the hedge witch, the dancer,

The stories about who we are and how they are woven into the Earth and her healing

Option to join the online FB group for lives and sharings 


Friday 6th May 9-10am

Friday 13th May 7-8pm

Friday 20th May 9-10am

Friday 27th May 7-8pm

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Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Shamanic Healing Retreat: Sacred connections with land and self

23rd and 24th July 2022

11.00am 23rd July - 2pm 24th July | Unstone Grange

Connection with the Mother, The Earth

Coming Home to The Earth, The Sacredness Beneath and Within

and through her, a new sacred connection with self.

This retreat is a reset, 

A tuning into her wisdom and bringing clarity and redirection 

Gently holding the new and

Cradling it as it grows strong enough to fly

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